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By Gustavus Hindman Miller, Linda Shields, Lenore Skomal

ISBN-10: 140279083X

ISBN-13: 9781402790836

A bestselling vintage, again and larger than ever!

Nearly a century in the past, Gustavus Hindman Miller released his groundbreaking masterwork, 10,000 desires Interpreted, the main compelling and thorough examine of the entire symbols that seem in our dreamscape. Miller provided an enlightening advent to dream historical past and kinds, and arranged his symbols into eminently logical different types. Now, well known psychic and medium Linda Shields has up to date this vintage, that includes revisions and additions to greater than 2,000 of his unique interpretations in addition to 2,000 totally new entries. This brings the booklet in control with our smooth lifestyles, together with items unknown in Miller's time, reminiscent of cellphones, pcs, televisions, and more. An interesting, enriching, and skillfully packaged revision that's a must have for an individual who desires!

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94; BMCREClaudius 137. (Courtesy Trustees of the British Museum) 17 . Ceres and Vitellius. Sestertius of Vitell ius (reverse). London. British Museum. 131. 166: BMCREVitellius 47. (Courtesy Tlustees of the British Museum) 18 . Ceres and Proserpina in a birth scene with Iacchus and Eileithyia Sardonyx cameo. Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale. (Courtesy Bibliotheque Nationale de France. © clichl: BibliotbequeNationale de France. Paris) 19 . Ceres with divinities of the underworld. Marble relieffrom the Tomb of the Haterii.

72 This new attitude toward the mourning of the dead is demanded by a state that must recruit a standing army if it is to survive. After the Battle of Cannae, the Senate had to demand further sacrifice of individuals in the war against Hannibal, and so it may have found a need to silence the disruptive laments of women, who were crying out for peace rather than compliantly accepting further personal loss. HolstWarhaft goes on to note that such attempts to restrict mourning in Athens had to be accompanied by a substitute for the laments of women if they were to gain popular support.

Ceres appears wearing the corona spicea (fig. 3). w She is also linked directly to the annona, or grain supply, now of great importance in this period. 83 On another coin, the head of Ceres is shown on the obverse (fig. 4a) and on the reverse appear two seated male figures with a wheat stalk to their right, representing the official distributions of grain to the people, the frumentationes (fig. 87 Ceres' connection with the grain supply is also reflected in a fragment of Lucilius dated to this period (200 MarxX a quotation of Varro (in Non.

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