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These factors will influence your architecture design. NET Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition Determine the Appropriate Technologies When choosing technologies for your application, the key factors to consider are the type of application you are developing and your preferred options for application deployment topology and architectural styles. Your choice of technologies will also be governed by organization policies, infrastructure limitations, resource skills, and so on. You must compare the capabilities of the technologies you choose against your application requirements, taking into account all of these factors before making decisions.

L Service applications designed to support communication between loosely coupled components. l Web applications designed to run primarily on the server in fully connected scenarios. In addition, it provides information and guidelines for some more specialist application types. These include the following: l Hosted and cloud-based applications and services. l Office Business Applications (OBAs) that integrate Microsoft Office and Microsoft server technologies. l SharePoint Line of Business (LOB) applications that provide portal style access to business information and functions.

Increased testability arises from having well-defined layer interfaces, as well as the ability to switch between different implementations of the layer interfaces. Separated Presentation patterns allow you to build mock objects that mimic the behavior of concrete objects such as the Model, Controller, or View during testing. Consider the layered architectural style if you have existing layers that are suitable for reuse in other applications, you already have applications that expose suitable business processes through service interfaces, or your application is complex and the high-level design demands separation so that teams can focus on different areas of functionality.

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