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From Apostle Andrew to the realization of Soviet authority in 1990, Daniel Shubin provides the whole background of Christianity in Russia in a 3-volume sequence. The occasions, humans and politics that solid the earliest traditions of Russian Christianity are provided objectively and intensively, describing the increase and dominance of the Russian Orthodox Church, the numerous dissenters and sectarian teams that advanced over the centuries (and their persecution), the presence of Catholicism and the inflow of Protestantism and Judaism and different minority religions into Russia. The historical past covers the better degrees of ecclesiastical job together with the involvement of tsars and princes, in addition to saints and serfs, and priests and mystics. This, the 1st quantity, offers with the interval from Apostle Andrew to the dying of Tsar Ivan the poor, simply ahead of the election of the 1st Russian Patriarch, a interval of just about 1600 years.

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All these constitutional changes in the Russian Church had to be confirmed in a constituent act or statute applied to the constitution, or in a judicial decree, according to the terminology of the era. It was composed by the state chancellery, but it was arranged in a special format to give the appearance that it had been composed by a council. The decree was written on a large sheet of parchment, with its heading and the initial letters of the text in gold. Its content, however, was not in accordance with the facts; rather, it anticipated them and sought to create them.

In the chamber, each patriarch again greeted the other. Jeremiah gave a short speech, saying (according to the Russian account), “Behold how the Lord God has illumined the Russian kingdom for its clean life, for its prayer, for its great charity, and for the prayer of the pious sovereign — the tsar and grand prince — Feodor Ivanovich, the autocrat of all Russia, who has created the patriarchate in the Cathedral and Apostolic Church of the honorable and glorious Assumption of the Immaculate Theotokos, where the great Russian miracleworkers Peter, Aleksei and Jonah also ministered.

After kissing the icons, he departed to the Chamber of the Veneration of the Theotokos, where he was arrayed in his vestments. An honor guard departed for Patr. Jeremiah, and in the same pomp escorted him to the cathedral. After listening to the prayer of his entrance, the patriarch was arrayed in his vestments, while a choir of Greek girls sang. Now began the pompous ceremony of the entrance of the tsar and his retinue into the cathedral; the same choir now sang to his longevity. After kissing icons and vaults of deceased saints, Tsar Feodor Ivanovich was blessed by Patr.

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