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Origen was shy about quoting much of Greek philosophers and poets in Contra Celsum, whereas Theodoret sought a ‘cure for the Greek maladies’. Origen’s cautious and reticent (and yet condemned) reference to the Greeks was that ‘those outside the faith’ have said certain things that have been ‘well-said’,43 still he was prompt to add that Moses and the prophets had said the same things in a fuller and more correct manner. It has been believed that, all of a sudden, John of Damascus (c. 676–749) appeared on stage in order to offer an account of the doctrine, which may not have been original, yet it rendered the spirit of previous theologians.

Cassian fills the gap. For he is the synthesis of Gregory of Nyssa, Theodoret, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Cyril of Alexandria, Didymus, Evagrius. Cassian is not the meeting-point between east and west: quite simply, St. Benedict and his successors drew heavily on his work. Rather, he is a continuation, as well as fresh start of the uninterrupted eastern tradition well into the sixth century. This process was accomplished by Sabaite intellectuals and nourished in the libraries, as well as the ascesis, of the monastery of the Akoimetoi.

However, he was the perfect match: he had composed monastic tracts that were handy for the dawning western monasticism; he was disfavoured, yet not so famous as to be anathematised by name, by any synod. The bulk of his Greek manuscripts perished through destruction or neglect, or indeed through attribution to past stars of 20 introduction Christian literature, whereas his boldest speculations are the ones that his enemies would have been most zealous to suppress and his admirers least solicitous to shelter.

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