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Here are examples with such complex syllables: ひゃく hyaku (hyah-koo) (hundred) シャツ shatsu (shah-tsoo) (shirt) しゅじゅつ shujutsu (shoo-joo-tsoo) (medical operation) The small-sized つ (tsu) (tsoo) isn’t pronounced; rather, it represents a moment of pause found with double consonants. The same applies to katakana. きって kitte (keeht-teh) (postage stamp) みっつ mittsu (meet-tsoo) (three pieces) ソックス sokkusu (sohk-koo-soo) (socks) Long vowels are represented by an additional letter, あ(a) (ah), い( i ) (ee), う (u) (oo), え(e) (eh), or お(o) (oh) in hiragana, but by an elongation mark (ー) in katakana (check out the earlier section “Vowels” for more on long vowels).

What does voiced mean? To understand voiced and unvoiced sounds, say k and g while lightly touching your throat. You feel a vibration only when you say g, even though you’re doing largely the same thing with your mouth when you say k, right? Linguists call vibrationless sounds such as k, p, t, and s voiceless sounds, and sounds that do vibrate, such as g, b, d, and z, are voiced sounds. 25 26 Part I: Getting Started On the other hand, by adding a small circle ( ̊ ) at the right upper corner of a kana character that starts with h or f, you can convert the consonant to p.

Remember that the r sounds almost like a d in English. りょう ryō (ryohh) (dormitory ) Like most other languages, Japanese has double consonants, which are pronounced as single consonants preceded by a brief pause. Check out the following examples and listen to the pronunciation on Track 1. ✓ きっぷ kippu (keep-poo) (transportation tickets) ✓ きって kitte (keet-teh) (postage stamp) ✓ けっこん kekkon (kehk-kohn) (marriage) ✓ まっすぐ massugu (mahs-soo-goo) (straight) ✓ バッグ baggu (bahg-goo) (bag) ✓ ベッド beddo (behd-doh) (bed) Sounding Fluent If you want to sound like a native Japanese speaker, you need to imitate the overall stress accent, the pitch and intonation, the rhythm, and the speed of native Japanese.

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