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By Dr. Lars Håkanson (auth.)

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4 5. 7 13 . 512 1: L - 181. 5 f - """IT:! 5 10 15 20 25 3 0 km Fig. 15. Determination of 8ffective fetch (Lf). Example from sample site 100 in Lake Viinern this transparent paper is simply put in the main wind direction or, if the maximum effective fetch is required, in that direction which gives the highest Lf-value. Then the distance (x in km) from the given station, or sample site, to land, or to island, is measured for every deviation angle Yi' where Yi = ±6°, ±lZo, ±lSo, ±Z4°, ±30o, ±36°, and ±4Zo.

The mean width is 40 km in Lake Vanem. CDmax in m); the greatest known depth of the lake. 106 m in Lake Vanem. g. in models describing the productivity and the trophic status of lakes (Figs. 20 and 21). The mean depth is 27 m in Lake Vanem. c .!! ---,---,---,----1 o 30 60 90 120 150 Mean depth. m Fig. 20. 01~----~------_r------r_----~~ 3 10 30 100 Mean depth, m Fig. 21. The loading of Nand P in relation to trophic level and mean depth in the Swedish Great Lakes (from Vollenweider, 1968 and Ahl, 1975) (DSO in m); according to definition, 50 %of the lake area should lie below the D50 -value and 50 % above.

It may be determined from the fornrula: + ......... -n-·-a--'- ----:0 (23) Table 12. Depositional environments in Lake Brienz (from Sturm, 1975) OELTA AREA AREAL DISTRIBUTION 38 " lin "of 'eke floor) RELIEF rough . let ) proxlme' = 23% smooth. rollonal CENTRAL BASIN PLAIN 10w,ocC . hlgh depositional LATERAL SLOPE 40 " smooth . steep 30', 40' dlste. 3mm/y ~ebsent GRAIN SIZE DISTRIBUTION CLAY/SILT/SAND· RATIO SEDIMENTARY STRUCTURES 49 .. . ----...... , " "" "" " , ",~ ~ "" ". " "" ~ " .. 40 I 20 ____ 95% Conf.

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