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Examines the spiritual affiliations of electorate and get together elites and evaluates the declare that ethical values have been decisive in 2004. This booklet analyzes suggestions used to mobilize spiritual conservatives and examines the vote casting habit of a variety of teams, together with evangelicals, African-Americans, and the understudied non secular left.

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KELLSTEDT, C. E. SMIDT, AND J. L. GUTH moves down the table from the traditionalists to the nominals. Likewise, nearly 96 percent of the traditionalists reported weekly worship attendance, while just under 2 percent of the nominals did, and 80 percent of the traditionalists reported high religious salience, compared with only about 7 percent of the nominals. Mainline Protestants. Nonminority mainline Protestants made up a little more than 16 percent of the adult population in 2004, but unlike evangelicals, they were more evenly divided internally, with about equal numbers of traditionalists, modernists, and centrists (who were the largest single group).

Many are envoys from state and local party organizations, which are the constituent parts of the national committees and the convention itself. Others belong to key interest groups or social movements allied with the party. Still others are part of the presidential primary campaigns, particularly that of the winning candidate, while many are connected to their party’s congressional, state, and local officeholders. Finally, the delegates are a slice of the “life of the party” at the grassroots, embodying the priorities, opinions, and ferment within each party’s larger activist pool.

Qxd 32 3/26/07 10:41 AM Page 32 J. C. GREEN, L. A. KELLSTEDT, C. E. SMIDT, AND J. L. GUTH Table 2-6. 0 Constituencies Republican constituencies Latter-day Saints Traditionalist evangelicals Traditionalist Catholics Centrist evangelicals Traditionalist mainliners Latino Protestants Entire sample Bush 1992 Change 2004–1992 Source: National Survey of Religion and Politics, Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, University of Akron. 1992 (N = 2,265); 1996 (N = 2,350); 2000 (N = 3,000); 2004 (N = 2,730).

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