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By Jonathan D. Sassi

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This booklet examines the controversy over the relationship among faith and public existence in society throughout the fifty years following the yankee Revolution. Sassi demanding situations the normal knowledge, discovering a vital continuity to the period's public Christianity, while such a lot past experiences have noticeable this era as one during which the nation's cultural paradigm shifted from republicanism to liberal individualism. targeting the Congregational clergy of latest England, he demonstrates that all through this era there have been american citizens fascinated by their company future, preserving a dedication to developing a righteous group and assessing the cosmic which means of the yank scan.

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68 In hindsight, ministers could clearly discern the hand of God in the American Revolution, and they fitted that event seamlessly into their providential reading of the past. As the language of the preceding paragraphs indicates, the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt served as a common metaphor for the American experience. ”69 These examples illustrate the residual pungency of the national covenant. Earlier in New England history, in the seventeenth century, Puritan ministers had grounded the religious basis of society in the theology of the national covenant.

7 However, one must avoid the fallacy of overemphasizing the significance of future trends in their preceding time period. There is a rush to the explanatory thesis of “democratization” in the post-Revolutionary period. Contrary to studies that proleptically grant cutting-edge status to dissenters from the standing order, this study steadfastly insists on beginning the story at the beginning. Although not in a period of vigorous growth, the establishment was also not in a state of breakdown during the 1780s and 1790s.

Rather, the standing order’s corporate ethic drew on these and other discourses to explain the links between Christianity and the destiny of society as a whole. If there was one overarching theme to this creole of inclusive languages, it was the conviction that God’s Providence oversaw and guided human affairs. Faith in the providential superintendence of nations had become especially relevant at the time of the American Revolution, because it made the momentous upheavals of the 1770s and 1780s explicable.

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