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When checking for a null value, you should check if it is false or if it is equal to null. Variables At some level all programs hold data, at least for a short time, and data is stored, temporarily, in variables. Therefore, it is not an overstatement to claim that variables are the cornerstone of most programming and scripting languages. They serve as a link between simple words in your script and the computer allocated memory. There is a limit to the amount of memory you can use, but it would be virtually impossible for you to even approach that limit.

Although that may seem to be a disadvantage, it is sometimes very convenient to have access to client-side properties rather than server-side ones. For example, you can create a digital clock that shows the current time in the client’s time zone, because JavaScript extracts the time from the client’s operating system, be it Windows, Macintosh, Unix, or any other OS. The full control over browser objects is what makes client-side JavaScript so powerful. You can pop up windows and use them as remote controls linked to the original window.

The only difference is the variable declaration (JavaScript is loosely typed). JavaScript and Java are both based on objects, but their implementations differ. In both languages, many built-in functions are implemented as properties and methods of various objects. JavaScript Differs from Java JavaScript resembles Perl in that it is interpreted, not compiled. Java is referred to as a compiled language. Unlike most other programming languages, though, Java is not compiled to a native machine code, but rather to a Java byte code.

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