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By Anthony A. Apodaca

ISBN-10: 1558606181

ISBN-13: 9781558606180

This can be pretty well the bible for a person who makes use of renderman day-by-day. whether you're not a programmer this is a nice reference for these issues the programmers discuss :)

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Many natural patterns have a similar kind of controlled random appearance, random over a set of frequencies but controlled at higher and lower ones. Perlin noise provides an interesting tool to simulate these and other patterns. 6 Compositing and Alpha It is usually the case in image synthesis that the final image is made up of a combination of several images that each contain part of the data. For example, the image might be computed in layers, with the objects close to the camera rendered in one image and the images in the background rendered separately.

A parametric surface is a surface generated by an equation with two variables: P = surface (u, v). For example, a sphere can be generated by the parametric equations 28 2 Review of Mathematics and Computer Graphics Concepts Other valuable parametric surfaces include planes, all of the quadric surfaces, bilinear and bicubic patches, ruled surfaces, and NURBS. 0. Notice that it is simple to reparameterize equations with other parametric ranges by a simple replacing of variables, so this choice doesn't actually cause any restrictions.

Sigh! 3 Curvature The next, more abstract concept beyond the tangent at a point is the curvature. Just as the tangent measures the slope of a line that touches the object without crossing it (at least, locally), the curvature measures the radius of a circle that hugs the object without crossing it. If the circle is very small, the surface has high curvature; and if the circle is very large, the surface has low curvature. As you might expect by now, the curvature is computed by taking the second derivative of the surface equations.

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