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The ordinary view in a combined economic system is that a few items and companies are produced privately and a few, comparable to transportation, are produced publicly. inner most associations, comparable to families and marketers, produce and con­ sume items and companies in pursuing their parochial pursuits, whereas the pub­ lic region makes an attempt to expand public pursuits. extra accurately, the general public region constructs new transportation platforms, improves their capaci ties, and regulates companies and costs; and the personal area chooses destinations of professional­ duction, modes of transportation, and routes of shipmellt. on the sallie' Lillte'. all sorts of transportation impact our lives and reason us hindrance for Oll r setting, future health, and safeguard. hence, transportation is in detail woven into the way of life of people and firms in our society. as a result of its consistent presence, transportation is straightforward to miss until eventually it fails indirectly. Few could contend that non-public agencies may possibly or should still build an effi­ cient transportation method in a combined economy. as the whole transportation process has to be built-in and coordinated, organizations with the facility to build any such procedure could have significant monopoly control.

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The economic cost is used for investment analysis. It is observed that pavement accounts for fifty percent of the total direct construction cost. The cost of materials such as gravel and sand for pavement work account for about fifty percent of the total pavement cost (MOC 1987)[4]. Therefore, the cost of materials is a very important factor in the total construction cost. Furthermore, because the cost of materials is heavily dependent on the hauling distance, the distance to the source of materials is included in the analysis.

3 Concluding Remarks RDRI/KIST implemented the model introduced in this chapter and recommended a set of national transportation improvement programs to Korea's Transportation Subcommittee of the Fifth Five-Year Development Plan Committee in 1980. The following five criteria are used for evaluating alternative network systems generated by the Trip Generation and Network Design Model: (1) user benefits, (2) accessibility, (3) energy requirement, (4) vehicle utilization, and (5) cost and revenue.

Network Equilibrium 10. Shipper/Carrier Interaction l. 37 HB Y Y N CACI Y Y Y PRINCETON N Y N FNEM Y Y Y RDRI/KIST Y Y N Y Y Y N N 0 Y F N N N 0 Y F N Y N 0 Y Y N Y N W Y Y Y N Y 0 N N Y Y N Note: • HB = Harvard-Brookings • Y • N = = Yes No • F = Fixed • W = Wadrop's Principle: see p. (1979)[149] and the Freight Network Equilibrium Model (FNEM) by Friesz, Gottfried, and Morlok (1981)[101]. Several models for transport system investment problems can be found in Bergendahl (1969)[30], Barber (1975[14], 1977[15]) and Ahmed et al.

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