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By Dr D. J. Jeffries (auth.), Professor Frank Sharp MD, FRCOG, Christopher Neville Hudson FRCS, FRCOG (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1447131509

ISBN-13: 9781447131502

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ISBN-13: 9781447131526

AIDS constantly offers new questions for the obstetrician and gynecologist. The influence on being pregnant, the opportunity of perinatal transmission, HIV confident assessments, and possibility to employees are only the various concerns confronting clinicians and practitioners this present day. those and different questions have been addressed by means of the nineteenth examine staff of the Royal university of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, whose findings are stated here.

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1Ixcmhurg Malta Netherland, Norwa) Poland Portugal 2:'23 h " ~ ~ ~ ~ I~ 1'1 -'X I') ,W X711 7 2:' . 1. :e: WHO Coliahordtlll!! Cl'lltlL' un AIDS The percentage representation of heterosexual intravenous drug abusers (IVDA) among European AIDS cases has increased sharply from I 'X, In December 19114, to 7% In December 19115, 14% In December 19116 and 20% In December 19117. These cases are concentrated particularly in southern Europe, 117% of them having been reported collectively by Italy, Spain or France.

Transmission characteristics of HIV. '''' Longitudinal sampling of semen and cervical secretions for virus would be a better indication of infectivity. il") This likelihood may be an indication of infectivity to sexual partners. The possible importance of the events immediately after infection would appear to indicate the need to obtain better data from "seroconverters"-people who are under observation through the early episodes of infection. This particular example demonstrates the use of simple mathematical models of disease transmission to explore the manner in which a specific epidemiological process (variation in infectivity) influences the pattern of the epidemic.

However, it is the collection and analysis of good quality data that will make prediction feasible. Increased epidemiological understanding can then be used to plan effectively, and to provide clinicians and counsellors with detailed, accurate information on the basis of sound predictions. Appropriate resources need to be allocated to epidemiological study and data collection to facilitate the planning process. We can identify 3 areas of data collection that require urgent attention. Firstly, the degree of spread of HIV within defined populations, and its continued monitoring must be determined.

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