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By Herman Friedman (auth.), Herman Friedman, Toby K. Eisenstein, John Madden, Burt M. Sharp (eds.)

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This quantity represents the complaints of the Symposium on AIDS, medicinal drugs of Abuse and the Neuroimmune Axis. This assembly used to be held in San Diego, California, November 11-13, 1995. As within the earlier symposia during this sequence, effective stories have been reviewed in regards to the dating among the frightened and the immune structures about the courting among medications of abuse and infections, in particular infections by means of the immunode­ ficiency virus that motives AIDS. in recent times, a variety of investigators have all started to explain the function of illicit medicines and their endogenous opposite numbers at the brain-immune axis. it's well known that the neuroendocrine procedure is in detail considering the results and manifestations of the interactions of gear of abuse and the immune procedure. The assembly on which the chapters during this booklet are established introduced jointly many organic scientists from an array of assorted clinical disciplines whose paintings is targeted at the results of substances of abuse at the neuroendocrine-immune axis and its relationships to immunodeficiency attributable to the AIDS virus. As long ago, the symposium used to be detailed in concentrating on the . brain-immune axis from the point of view of gear of abuse instead of from the point of view of immunity or the mind itself.

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