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By J. G. Fitton, Bridget Gilfillan Upton

ISBN-10: 0632016167

ISBN-13: 9780632016167

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51270 (Fig. 1, Table 1)). These magmas are clearly derived from mantle depleted in the light REE for a considerable period of time. A concomitant depletion in Rb is also apparent, but in the case of Tahiti and Malaita the magmas have slightly higher SVSr/86Sr ratios. This could result from (a) mixing of MORB mantle with a recycled radiogenic component or (b) influx of a high Rb/Sr fluid. 704 (~ ion lithophile elements) and LREE-enriched hydrous fluids in the mantle (LREE stands for light rare-earth elements).

44, 315-23. - - 1 9 8 5 . Melting experiments on glassy olivine melilitites from strongly potassic mafic volcanics ofS. W. Uganda. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 90, 23643. - & BAILEY, D. K. 1975. Light element metasomatism of the continental mantle: the evidence and the consequences. Phys. Chem. Earth, 9, 389-416. MAUND, J. G. 1985. The volcanic geology, petrology and geochemistry of Caldeira volcano, Graciosa, Azores, and its bearing on contemporaneous felsicmafic oceanic island volcanism. D. Thesis, University of Reading (unpublished).

HAWKESWORTH,C. J. 1987. Metasomatic and enrichment processes in lithospheric peridotites, an effect of asthenosphere-lithosphere interaction. In: MENZlES, M. A. I,C. J. (eds) Mantle Metasomatism, Academic Press, New York, 313-61. OXBURGH, E. R. 1981. Heat flow and differences in lithospheric thickness. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. , Ser. A, 310, 337-46. - & PARMENTIER,E. M. 1978. Thermal processes in the formation of continental lithosphere. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. , Set. A, 288, 415-29. POWELL, J. L. & BELL, K.

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