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By Michael B. Kassel

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Although it grew to become the most profitable courses in syndicated tv historical past, WKRP in Cincinnati confronted an uphill fight attempting to receive prime-time luck. Kassel chronicles the choices and difficulties that affected WKRP's primetime good fortune, and explores the explanations why it went directly to develop into a classic.

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47). C. He also performed on Broadway as the only white actor in the otherwise black cast of "Raisin," a musical version of "A Raisin in the Sun" (Sanders). Coming out to California on vacation, Sanders began to find work in episodic series and TV movies. A. terrorist. Sanders' other characters included psychopaths and Nazis. He also appeared in the movies Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn, Good Against Evil, Ruby and Oswald, and Keefer (Esterly, "Being ... " 47). Sanders' work in Los Angeles theater led to his landing the Les Nessman role.

According to Bonner, the original concept of Herb had nothing to do with the wardrobe, although Wilson has suggested that Clark Brown, the character upon which Herb was based, did dress in a similar fashion. However, by looking at the pilot, Bonner's story holds up-he is relatively color coordinated. "Nothing outlandish," said Bonner. "As I recall, I'm in pretty much basic blues. " The description also called for Herb to wear three-piece suits. Bonner continued: "I remember one sentence distinctly saying, 'Herb's idea of flash is a pinkie ring that he wears: so, that was as loud as it got, physically, from the character breakdown.

Impressed as they were with Hesseman, Wilson and Dial had already committed themselves to another actor. According to first-season staff writer Tom Chehak, Wilson had awarded the Fever role to actor Dick Libertini, who, among other things, had worked in The Melba Moore-Clifton Davis Show, and had played TIle Godfather in Soap. When Libertlni opted to do a Movie of the Week instead of the WKRP pilot, Hesseman won the role (Chehak). "Hesseman-," sighs Wilson. "If there ever was a part written for someone-Hesseman dressed like Fever dressed, and Hesseman was kind of anti-social-the gad fly-it was the part of his life" (Wilson).

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