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G. g. g. g. g. g. g. Stonehenge, “Ozymandias” viewers around the world enjoyed the spectacle of CNN cameras pointing to a computer screen while the reporter scrolled down pages of internet text to find newsworthy references to non-standard uses for cigars (see the entry on Monica Lewinsky in the Wikipedia). e. the rolling update continuous “breaking news” format of cable TV, was reduced to the status of mere servant to the instantaneous internet. Furthermore, CNN got into trouble even for this second-hand 42 Is TV True?

In other words, the drift of meaning has strategic effects, where modern states like the USA rely on power and hegemony, while postmodern polities like the EU (and the post-imperial nations within it) are force-averse and “security is based on transparency, mutual openness, interdependence and mutual vulnerability” (Cooper 2002; and see chapter 10 below). In the realm of knowledge itself, the mode of inquiry appropriate to discovering and communicating meaning changed also, requiring quite different philosophical and epistemological approaches, and reach of education, to deal with the drift of meaning along the value chain.

Reuters Financial Television and Bloomberg, for example, are locked in an international competitive struggle for this “narrowcast” but ultra-high-frequency form of journalism, which can be sold at a premium to corporate clients. Meanwhile, the look of the instantaneous format has been “borrowed” from the net to give the slightly slower TV screen the appearance of instantaneous news. For instance, CNN’s on-screen design now resembles the aesthetic of the internet, with rolling stock-prices, text captions that may not relate to the pictures, and inset video frames with pictures that may not relate to each other.

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