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Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 92–109, December 2004. 2 Discrete Event Systems From the moment when a human being became aware of its existence, until the present, one question has dominated through a long history of ups and downs: how to predict the future? This question attained many forms; how to predict winds on high seas? How to predict the floods of Nile? How to find the probability that an electron would appear at a particular place in an atom? How to predict the way the Universe ends? Step by step we have found some methods and piece by piece the future revealed its secrets.

From the person A’s point of view the system state (cards remaining in hand) changed 10 times, while from person B’s perspective the system state changed only 2 times. Clearly, this system can not be described with a model in which the system state evolves in synchronization with time, since the evolution of the system state is caused by asynchronous events (placement the cards on the table). The second aspect that has to be taken into account, when one considers modeling the systems like the one described above, is the system state space.

Points on the state-vector trajectory correspond to the points on trajectories of system states. 3. The state-vector trajectories are very important in system analysis and design. Many interesting system properties, such as stability, can be examined directly from the state-vector trajectories. This is particularly important in the case of nonlinear systems, since, as already mentioned, mathematical tools for this type of systems are complicated and demanding. As we said earlier, the main purpose of the model is its ability to more or less accurately predict the future states of the system once the current state and the system inputs are known.

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