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By Rachel Sutton-Spence

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This new learn is a huge contribution to signal language examine and to literature typically, taking a look at the advanced grammatical, phonological and morphological structures of signal language linguistic constitution and their position in signal language poetry and function. Chapters care for repetition and rhyme, symmetry and stability, neologisms, ambiguity, issues, metaphor and allusion, poem and function, and mixing English and signal language poetry. significant poetic performances in either BSL and ASL--with emphasis at the paintings of the deaf poet Dorothy Miles--are analyzed utilizing the instruments supplied within the publication

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Like the ‘numbers’ games, the traditional ASL ‘ABC’ letters games play with the handshapes of signs, but this time in relation to the manual alphabet (see Chapter 1). The game might be a straightforward attempt to work through the alphabet while still creating a meaningful utterance or, alternatively, the handshapes of the signs used in a meaningful ASL utterance can spell out a given English word. When this is done skilfully, the subject matter is also related to the word spelled out. Whether or not all examples of this genre should be considered poetry (and Heidi Rose (1992) makes the claim that these games are usually more properly classed as folkloric language games, having originated well before sign language poetry and the age of the videotape); some are, and several of Clayton Valli’s poems use this device.

BLUE is also articulated high up in the same area as SKY, creating the neologism BLUE-SKY (Fig. 14). Clayton Valli’s Deaf World uses signs located at different heights throughout the poem. All the signs are located in the right-hand side of the signing space but at first they are located at waist-height, then signs are made in a plane slightly higher, then the plane is raised again, until finally the signs are made at head-height. The use of space here is not just for aesthetics but reflects how a Deaf person’s confidence grows (moves up, and becomes more ‘positive’) as he or she physically grows.

In Autumn, the movements start slow and measured, before becoming fast and then coming to a sudden halt with the hold of the final sign, just as the calm of early autumn gives way to wild autumn winds before the first cold snap of ice. In Winter, a poem of contrasts as we have already seen, the movements of the signs are contrasting. They are initially sharp and staccato, with brittle movements in the early signs, especially BARE and BARE-TREE. The slow, tense, jerky movement of BARE-TREE contrasts with the last time that the sign TREE was seen in the quartet – in Spring.

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