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By Cheryl Winning Ghinassi

ISBN-10: 0313362424

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In addition, barbiturates have anticonvulsant properties and are still prescribed for the treatment of seizure disorders. Barbiturates are also used in anesthesiology and in veterinary medicine to euthanize animals. Like the sedative-hypnotics that preceded them, barbiturates are also dangerous, highly addictive drugs that must be dosed very carefully since overdoses can occur easily and result in coma or death. Phenobarbital and Seconal are two common barbiturates in use today. The Search for Chemical Answers to Severe Mental Illness Effective chemical treatments for severe mental disorders were not developed until the 1900s.

In the nineteenth century, Paul Briquet (1796–1881) distinguished what we now call somatization disorder (also known as Briquet’s syndrome), which presents with a wide range of gastrointestinal and reproductive system complaints along with a variety of sites of pain or discomfort (not considered an anxiety disorder). His observations also led him to dispel the notions that sexual frustration was the root cause of hysteria and that it was a strictly female malady. Briquet also proposed that the combination of predisposition (vulnerability) and life experiences (especially parental mistreatment) led to the development of hysteria.

By the end of the twentieth century, cognitive attribution and appraisal theories were found to be very popular among clinicians, and research had shown the related therapy (CBT) to be effective in many cases. Today, theorists see emotion-cognition interactions not as a linear progression but rather as an enormously complex relationship with a variety of routes possible in terms of information processing, perception, cognitive appraisal, and memory. THE HISTORY OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGICAL INTERVENTIONS WITH ANXIETY Early Chemical Efforts to Deal with Anxiety Since prehistoric times, humans have employed mood-altering substances to cope with stress and fear.

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