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Are Muslims unique? represents the 1st significant clinical attempt to evaluate how Muslims and non-Muslims differ--and don't differ--in the modern international. utilizing rigorous equipment and knowledge drawn from around the world, M. Steven Fish finds that during a few parts Muslims and non-Muslims range under is usually imagined. Muslims should not vulnerable to desire the fusion of non secular and political authority or specially vulnerable to mass political violence. but there are transformations: Gender inequality is extra serious between Muslims, Muslims are surprisingly averse to homosexuality and different debatable behaviors, and democracy is uncommon within the Muslim international. different components of divergence undergo the marks of a Muslim virtue: murder charges and class-based inequities are much less critical between Muslims than non-Muslims. Fish's findings have very important implications for human welfare, interfaith figuring out, and diplomacy.

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06. N = 90,627 individuals in 65 countries. 001. b c All country-level variables are centered at the grand mean. 88. 001. 9 Predicted Probabilities of Attending Religious Services 35 in Mali have a substantially higher predicted probability of considering themselves religious than do the Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Thus, as when we measured religiosity using the importance-of-God scale, when we use the question on whether respondents consider themselves to be “a religious person” living in a more religious environment may be conducive to higher levels of personal religiosity.

06. N = 63 countries. 001. b c All country-level variables are centered at the grand mean. 92 for Christians. 001. Are Muslims Distinctive? 38 week. National wealth, average age, and level of democracy do not appear to have an influence on attendance at religious services either.

I sometimes mention differences between this and that predominantly Muslim country, and such differences are captured (often dramatically) in the tables that present raw data on the largest predominantly Muslim countries. But my primary concern is to compare Muslims with non-Muslims, not to compare Muslims with other Muslims. I assume that readers are aware that Muslims are not monolithic and that there is as much diversity among them as there is within any group of people that encompasses nearly one-quarter of humanity.

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