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Arguing Islam after the Rebirth of Arab Politics analyzes the politics of faith within the Arab global after the emergence of recent public spheres over the last few a long time. The booklet examines these spheres as they are surely, no longer measuring them opposed to any perfect of democratic deliberation, and express how they're vigorous and more and more participatory but in addition polarizing, divisive, and much from egalitarian. And whereas they Read more...


Arguing Islam after the Revival of Arab Politics analyzes the politics of faith within the Arab international after the emergence of latest public spheres over the last few a long time. The publication examines those Read more...

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A more ambivalent use of Arendt in an Arab context can be found in Lisa Wedeen’s Ambiguities of Domination: Politics, Rhetoric, and Symbolism in Contemporary Syria (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999). 3. “Further Reflections on the Public Sphere,” in Habermas and the Public Sphere, ed. Craig Calhoun (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1992), 467–​468. [ 22 ] Arguing Islam 23 CHAPTER 2 Religion in Public Rethinking secularism … does mean working through the debates of the public sphere to find common ground for citizenship, rather than trying to mandate the common ground by omitting the kinds of reason citizens can bring to their public discussions with one another.

But they can work in a clumsy manner, with elections only periodically held, administered in accordance with rules partly designed by those who seek to win them, involving parties that inspire mainly cynicism, and reducing the public’s choices to stark binaries or personality contests. Such procedurally democratic elements can also have pernicious effects. Among those effects identified by liberals and republicans over the years is the fact that procedural democracy can trample minority rights, reward appeals to momentary whims, empower those who cobble together fleeting coalitions of private interests, and promote pandering to public passions.

In this section we will probe the normative appeal of deliberative democracy but then turn to consider how it may actually be exclusionary and lead us to miss the distinction between a single public and the reality of multiple separate, overlapping, and sometimes conflicting publics. Religion in Public [ 27 ] 28 To be sure, powerful hopes undergird the elision among liberalism, democracy, republicanism, and publicity. Formal democratic structures without a liberal or republican spirit can provide for a measure of accountability, popular participation in governance, and decision-​making mechanisms that reflect the interests and views of the majority.

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