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By Joscelyn Godwin

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Arktos is the 1st publication ever written at the archetype of the Poles: celestial and terrestrial, North and South. This engrossing and occasionally hair-raising voyage via cosmology, occultism and conspiracy conception ends up in startling revelations in regards to the secrets and techniques of the Poles. the writer investigates legends of a Golden Age, which a few declare led to a prehistoric disaster, a shift within the earth's axis. this is often tested within the mild of the newest geological theories, as are predictions of a coming pole-shift. The perennial fascination of those rules is proven to be a part of a "polar tradition" of hidden knowledge. there are various recorded stories of an historical race stated to have lived within the Arctic areas, which later unfold during the Northern Hemisphere. This supposedly "Aryan Race" entered the pantheon of Nazi Germany, with dreadful results. the writer examines the origins of recent neo-Nazi ideology, its "polar" thought, and its hyperlinks with different arcana, together with the survival of Hitler, German bases in Antarctica, UFOS, the hole Earth, and the hidden kingdoms of Agartha and Shambhala. in spite of the fact that, "Arktos" differs from so much writings on those matters in its dependable and scholarly therapy, and its vast use of foreign-language assets. Born in England, Joscelyn Godwin teaches at Colgate collage, big apple nation. His many guides contain "Athanasius Kircher" (1979), "Robert Fludd" (1979), "Mystery Religions within the historical World" (1982) and "Harmonies of Heaven and Earth" (1988), all on hand from Thames and Hudson.

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355. 42. , 1488. 43. Hansen, 95. 44 There can be little doubt that some of the flying ointments worked in the intended way, at least some of the time. In the absence of a rigorous control over the amounts and potencies of the ingredients that made them up, their effects probably varied wildly from batch to batch. There is no way to know if their use was harmless, or caused cumulative damage to the organs and nervous system. The latter case appears more likely in view of the malicious effects of some of the herbs that the ointments contained.

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