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By Robert C. Whisonant

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This is a clean examine the yankee Civil warfare from the viewpoint of the average assets essential to preserve the armies within the box. This tale of the hyperlinks among minerals, topography, and the warfare in western Virginia now involves mild in a fashion that boosts our realizing of America’s maximum trial. 5 mineral items – niter, lead, salt, iron, and coal – have been completely necessary to salary struggle within the 1860s. For the armies of the South, these assets have been focused within the distant Appalachian highlands of southwestern Virginia. From the start of the warfare, the Union knew that the major to victory used to be the destruction or career of the mines, furnaces, and forges situated there, in addition to the railroad that moved the assets to the place they have been desperately wanted. to accomplish this, Federal forces many times complicated into the treacherous mountainous terrain to struggle one of the most savage battles of the battle.

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Not a single county in the southwestern Great Valley joined the separatist movement. Notes The biographical information on Jed Hotchkiss is taken from Roberts [191], Miller [151], and Robertson [195]. The next section on “Geologic History and the Formation of Topographic Provinces” in the eastern United States is essentially current geologic thinking on this topic merged with my own ideas developed over 30-plus years of studying and teaching about the connections between the region’s geology and human history.

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