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Regularly strong info in ARRL courses, and this one is not any exception. well worth the rate.

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You can link to the TelPac station directly, or through nodes or digipeaters. There are many TelPac stations in continuous operation throughout the country. aspx. receive e-mail through Winlink 2000, you'll also need a piece of Windows software known as AirMail. It is downloadable free on the Web at www. net/haml. AirMail functions much like a traditional e-mail application. In fact, it is designed to look very much like Microsoft Outlook, and to be just as easy to use. Every ham in the field who intends to access the Winlink 2000 network must have AirMail installed on his computer.

In general, do not send bulletins unless they really are (i) intended for a broad audience and (ii) the message is critical in nature . Thi s is another common sense policy that should be obvious. This is even more critical if there are a large number of stations competing for bandw idth at 1200 baud. Implementing this packet policy is may a matter of what you won't do instead of what you could do. For instance: Outpost supports placing a signature on a message form. These signatures should be for key-stroke convenience, and not to state titles, addresses, phone numbers, and other information that may be irrelevant during a disaster.

This is the easiest way to connect. This enables AirMail to handle all the connections and instructions to start, send posted messages, pick up waiting messages and disconnect when finished. This is much quicker than the keyboard mode, which is only used for special purposes. As your station connects and begins exchanging email, you should see the red transmit light on your TNC blink. Then you should see your receive light blink if a reply is received. Both lights will alternate on and off. If the other station cannot be contacted, the TNC will time out after a fixed number of tries As the transfer progresses, you will see codes being sent and also the file transfer rate, either transmit or receive, if an attachment is being sent.

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