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This can be the significant FIRST variation of Astral Dynamics

The first variation of Astral Dynamics (the ebook you're now examining approximately) includes a good deal of content material that was once dropped from the 2009 moment version to avoid wasting house. those are primarily rather assorted books. most folk wish either those extraordinary books, so we confident Robert Bruce to supply an book model of the unique First version of Astral Dynamics, with complete colour illustrations and different advancements. this primary variation went out of print in 2009.

THE FIRST version OF ASTRAL DYNAMICS - in a single interesting quantity, Robert Bruce accumulated jointly a private narrative, a "how-to", a troubleshooting consultant, and a theoretical viewpoint at the nonphysical constitution underlying the unusual and multidimensional existence all of us lead. no matter if you're a skeptic, a veteran astral projector, a beginner, or an armchair vacationer, there is treasure the following. it really is in a category on its own. What he says the following earrings real. in reality, it does much more than ring actual. It opens doorways. Astral Dynamics presents the clever and inspired reader with every thing had to positioned idea into perform.

The book's six elements might be learn every one on their lonesome, yet they've been positioned to construct properly one upon the opposite.

Part One, "Elements of Projection", provides Robert's conception of what truly is going on whilst the projectable astral double leaves the actual physique. This in itself, correct out of the gate, is attention-grabbing terrain. His thought of the results of the mind-split that effects from projection is itself well worth the rate of the e-book.

Part , "NEW power Ways", offers his stunningly sensible approach to elevating strength and knowledge through the use of contact, which he calls Tactile Imaging. i've got attempted this technique on part a dozen humans, chosen roughly at random, each one of whom acquired the specified knowledge inside seconds! after which, as though the recent approach to visualization were not sufficient, Robert proceeds to explain the character and anatomy of our power our bodies, an outline firmly rooted in his personal own explorations.

Part 3, "Core Skills", builds in this starting place, demonstrating easy methods to be triumphant on the 3 initiatives which are necessary to luck in astral projection: deep actual leisure, taming the brain, and reaching the trance kingdom.

Part 4, "Projection go out and Technique", tells you what you want to understand to forestall analyzing approximately astral projection and truly do it.

Part 5, "The Akashic Connection", proceeds into the world of the theoretical, no longer for the sake of having misplaced in thought, yet with the intention to make experience of items visible and heard. quite attention-grabbing is Robert's description of the character and which means of what he calls the Akashic Pulse. As to his description and research of the astral planes, the silver twine, the etheric physique, and the Akashic list — I doubt that those were equaled wherever within the subject's broad sleek literature. i'm convinced that they have got no longer been excelled.

Part Six, "Strange Astral Phenomena", takes on a number of conundrums which are worthy exploring. Projection into larger nation-states; truth fluctuations; astral noise; what Robert calls astral flora and fauna, and astral combat... he covers the turf because it hasn't been coated so far. And he does it so casually, in so unpretentious a fashion, his temper starting from private awe to casually joking, with all of the diversity between.

If you have got any curiosity in any respect within the topic of astral projection, lucid dreaming — greater attention normally — you are going to love this ebook. I are expecting that it'll turn into a vintage, learn and valued for a few years to come back.

Frank DeMarco - Chairman, Hampton Roads Publishing corporation, Inc., VA.

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Robert Bruce is the writer of six groundbreaking books exploring such mysteries because the human strength physique, the out-of-body adventure, Kundalini, mind's-eye imaginative and prescient, religious and psychic improvement, metaphysics, clairvoyance, and psychi

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It sees some bushes moving in the shadows and its imagination plays tricks on it: an ominous shape reaching for it. It freezes, not knowing quite what the shape is or what to do about it. It tries to flee, and suddenly senses a very tangible fearsome presence right behind it. An irresistible force starts dragging it backward. It tries to move away, but suddenly feels weak, as if its very life force were being drained. It now feels trapped and has extreme difficulty moving. The dream mind, throughout this, feels the initial fear surge from its projected double, but does not know the cause.

Lack of sleep also causes a loss of appetite, which, in itself, further aggravates the underlying causes of the condition. An empty stomach heightens energetic activity in the etheric body (raising its vibrations), which greatly increases the likelihood of waking-paralysis and spontaneous-projection episodes. Frequent waking-paralysis and unwanted spontaneous-projection episodes, especially if involving great fear, can generate an extremely unpleasant psychological condition that can become more and more debilitating the longer it is allowed to continue.

Although the real-time zone appears to be actual reality, and projectors existing in real time feel they are existing as invisible ghosts in the real world, they are not, I believe, actually in the physical dimension, nor are they in the astral dimension proper. They are slightly out of phase with both, at a slightly higher vibration than the physical universe, and at a slightly lower vibration than the astral dimension. They are existing inside a direct dimensional reflection, or subtle energetic echo, radiating directly from the physical universe as it happens, in real time.

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