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By P. Kenemans, V. P. Collins, U. Brunk (auth.), E. S. E. Hafez, P. Kenemans (eds.)

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The recommendation of Max Knoll that an electron occupied with the various SEM photos, the wealth of data and the passion of the microscope should be built utilizing an excellent scanning researchers protecting a number of disciplines. All elements beam of electrons on a specimen floor and recording the emitted present as a functionality of the placement of the of the feminine and male genital tract were lined, beam used to be introduced in 1935. given that then a number of culminating within the prizewinning award exhibiting the in investigators and clinicians have used this idea to vitro fertilized human egg. strengthen thoughts referred to now as scanning electron In medical diagnostics SEM additionally proved to be a microscopy (SEM) and scanning transmission electron helpful complementary strategy, laying off new gentle microscopy (STEM). the alternative to check the feminine on oncology, the pathogenesis of tubal illness and the reproductive organs was once a logical one simply because cells and maturation strategy of the placenta. destiny learn has tissue samples should be sampled fairly simply; nonetheless to be comprehensive; e.g. quantification of SEM moreover, those cells and organs are stimulated photos for significant and sound organic, regularly by means of the cyclic creation of hormones. clinical and statistical evaluate in diagnostic This atlas demonstrates the state-of-the-art in 1983. gynecology, obstetrics, andrology and oncology.

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HE stain. (Inset: section stained by PAS procedure) b: Transmission electron micrograph reveals epithelial cells in the secretory end-piece. The cytoplasmic space of the epithelial cells is filled with secretory granules. , 1980). , 1981). There is disagreement about the histological classification of the Bartholin glands; some authors have referred to them as a tubular type; others have sorted them into a tubuloalveolar type (see the review of Schroder, 1930). The human Bartholin gland should be classified into a tubular type rather than a tubuloalveolar type.

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