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It is, rather, the principle that you cannot simultaneously measure certain properties of a subatomic particle: its position and its velocity, for example. At any time, one of these facts about a subatomic particle must be unknown. How this principle can possibly show that science contains no truths or make the distinction between the natural and the supernatural meaningless is an utter mystery to me. If those who introduced the principle had given it a different name the Measure Exclusion Principle, say - then perhaps Or Watson would not have tried on this preposterous nonsequitur.

Something revealing significant upward potential could be improved a lot. But' a lot' is not the kind of thing said by people who receive significant sums of money for their advice. EMPTY WORDS 55 'Moving forward' means 'in the future'. ' And it is also gratuitous in our example sentence, since this talks of potential, which is always realised in the future. Nevertheless, 'moving forward' is a useful addition because more words are generally helpful, even if they add no information, and because it puts a positive slant on things.

Fat Jack may not comment on others' obesity on account of his own. When it comes to race, however, the matter is reversed. Racial characteristics, or issues affecting a race, should be commented upon only by members of the race concerned. As I write an important case concerning the constitutional status of preferential admission for black university applicants is being heard by the US Supreme Court. I have just SHUT UP! 43 read an article by the Associated Press that canvasses the opinions of each of President Bush's three black cabinet members: one is for preferential admissions, one is against it and the other is unsure.

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