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The function of this monograph is to check the identified actual points of 2 strange kinds of atmospheric luminous phenomena, to infer their features and homes, and to advertise efforts to enhance their figuring out. those kinds, known as ball lightning and bead lightning, have visible photographs that range from the linear photo linked to normallightning. The phrases "balliightning" and "bead lightning" are used to indicate atmospheric luminous types that are sometimes saw and feature the geometrie form instructed by means of their identify. Vet, it truly is attainable that neither phenomenon may perhaps in reality be a kind of lightning within the feel of a continual electric discharge. Bead lightning has been defined because the residue of a cloud-to­ cloud or cloud-to-ground lightning stroke and has the looks of aseries of luminous balls separated via darkish areas, hence similar to astring of pearls, and continues to be obvious for roughly one moment. Ball lightning has been defined as a unmarried luminous globe showing ne ar the floor after a lightning stroke and in addition ultimate obvious for approximately one moment. either phenomena stay noticeable a long way longer than basic lightning flashes.

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Still camera photograph made in the mid- USA at one of the automated sites opera ted by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. The camera was equipped with a chopped shutter which caused the aperture to open for 25 msec, dose far 38 msec, and required 6 msec to open or dose. Persistent or moving iIluminated objects would be recorded as aseries of dashed lines. Bead lightning was identified as the probable cause of this lightning image. Reprinted with permission 01" the Smithsonian Institute, from R.

To do so would imply that an untrained observer can identify and distinguish between the odors of ozone, burning sulfur, nitric oxide, or some other similar odor. Odors of this type are common ionization products of a lightning discharge, as found, for example, by Reynolds (1923). 38 Chapter 3 Damage and Heat. Since the ball lightning is apparently an atmospheric electrical phenomenon, the emission of heat would be expected. A small number of observers do re port that heat emission was experienced during the event.

Terada (1931) and Musya (1931) found that luminous earthquake phenomena included many common lightning forms and atmospheric luminous phenomena, such as ball lightning. The earthquake ball lightning exhibited the same general properties as thunderstorm ball lightning. Luminous phenomena and ball lightning sightings are frequently reported during wind storms. Audoin (1913), Cadenat (1908), Dauvillier (1965), Dt;ssens (1965), Faye (1890), Flammarion (1874), Scott (1878b), Vaughan and Vonnegut (1974), and Vonnegut and Meyer (1965) reported such events during tornadoes and gales.

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