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By J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz

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During this illuminating research Liebeschuetz examines primary topics of overdue Antiquity: the barbarization of the Roman military and the interrelation of Church and secular govt. He discusses Alaric's Goths within the West, who have been handled as a federate regiment instead of a migrating tribe; how the civilian experts at Constantinople maintained keep watch over over the principally German military in a clash that culminated within the Gainas emerging; and the way an analogous gurus got here into clash with John Chrysostom, the bishop of Constantinople, and had him deposed.

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12 The miserable sources scarcely allow us to reconstruct the terms. It has often been assumed that they were simply settled on land. 13 But this is not necessary. 14 It may be that all, or some, were simply provided with quarters and pay and treated as part of the field-army. 15 The fact that these barbarians were accompanied by families need not have prevented them from being treated like soldiers on active service. Regular soldiers too were at the time accompanied by significant numbers of camp followers.

G. Duby (1965) shows that in the Middle Ages abandonment after a serious recession was often temporary. P. Lemerle (I 954) and V. Velkov (1962) produce evidence that even in the much invaded Balkans desertion of land was often not permanent. P. Vanangs ( 1979) argues that deserted land legislation aimed at countering the extension of great estates. 72 G. E. M. de Ste Croix (1981) 509-I8. Reasons for the Recruiting of Barbarians development goes back to the third century. It was most marked in the North and North-East.

Iv. 45. 5 Most clearly in the narrative of the fall of Stilicho: Zos. v. 3 1. 3 3; 3 3-5. " 0. Seeck (I876), G. Clemente (1968). Regulars, Federates, and Bucellarii 33 regiments of the Eastern empire around 394, while the Western lists appear to have been brought up to date until around 420. 7 The Notitia distinguishes between different classes of units, but it shows no sign of a distinction between regular units and foreign irregulars. True, there is an important class of crack infantry units described as auxilia palatina, whose title suggests that they were originally recruited from barbarians, and which-as we have seen-never ceased to include a high proportion of men of barbarian origin.

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