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Tyrrell and Arnold take their position in a particularly English theological culture. Appreciation of this custom is of the 1st value in realizing the heritage to modern Anglicanism and modern Catholicism. greater than that, it deals a fashion of bridging the gulf among the area that to Tyrrell and Arnold used to be useless or loss of life and the realm of the overdue 20th century with the entire questions that they started to understand - prophetic members not able to dwell with the Church in their day and not able to discover the Church of the long run.

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Arnold's plea for Erastianism. It means a reintroduction of the lay mind and voice into Church affairs, albeit in a crooked and undesirable way... Still, lay influence need not be State influence and ought to be purely religious. Only deep disgust with the government of the Church could have elicited Tyrrell's sympathy for the views of the Arnolds, father and son. This is a desperate remedy for the exclusion of the laity from the dominant ecclesiology of the day. At the end of his life, Tyrrell could sometimes lose all patience with the philosophical analyses of Blondel and Laberthonniere, although he clung to the fact that, The infinite complexity of a human act, expressive of the whole personality of the doer, is past all analysis.

29 Arnold is for him one of the 'lesser lights'; Loisy, Blondel, Eucken and Bergson were all 'greater lights' who contributed more to his philosophy of religion. In terms of pure intellectual indebtedness this is undoubtedly true, but Arnold's was a different, a subtler kind of influence, something of which Bremond was well aware. Tyrrell never took Arnold for his tutor, as he did Loisy and, for a time, Blondel. It was more as though he and Arnold had been to the same school or college. Without studying at any university, Tyrrell owed a great debt to the ethos of Oxford.

165) Now this is an important hint, for an induction of this type is not the same 41 Between Two Worlds as the experimental verification of a hypothesis. It involves the kind of imaginative reasoning and the kind of conviction that Newman discusses in the Grammar of Assent (a book to which Arnold never refers). In his work as literary critic Arnold appealed constantly, not to the methods of natural science, but to 'culture', 'taste', and 'judgment'. Arnold the literary critic and observer of human nature makes a far shrewder — and overtly nonscientific —judgment when he says on the same page, Poor human nature loves the pretentious forms of exact knowledge, though with the real condition of our thoughts they often ill correspond.

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