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What's superstring thought and why is it very important? Can superstrings provide the fulfilment of Einstein's lifelong dream of a conception of every little thing? Co-authored via Michio Kaku, one of many top pioneers of superstrings, it is a exciting account of the discoveries that experience led scientists to the brightest new prospect in theoretical physics this day. With all of the pleasure of a detective tale, this ebook comprises the latest ground-breaking study in physics, and provides a desirable examine the clinical learn which can make the most unlikely attainable.

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With plenty of time on his hands, Newton observed the motion of objects that fall to the earth and then, in a stroke of brilliance, conceived of his famous theory, which governs the path of all falling objects. Newton was led to his theory by asking himself such revolutionary questions as: Does the moon also fall? According to the church, the moon stayed in the sky because it obeyed heavenly laws that were beyond the reach of earthly laws that forced objects to fall to the ground. Newton's revolutionary observation was to extend the law of gravitation into the heavens itself.

In summary, it is the interplay of white and black dominoes, with each one tipping over the next, that makes possible the wave of falling dominoes. Similarly, Maxwell discovered that the interplay between vibrating magnetic and electric fields created the wave. He found that electric or magnetic fields alone could not create this wavelike motion, similar to the analogy with only black or white dominoes. Only the delicate interplay between electric and magnetic fields could produce this wave. Page 22 To most physicists, however, the idea seemed preposterous because there was no ether to conduct these waves.

On one hand, this was reassuring; we knew that wherever we traveled in outer space, our rocket ships would encounter only the chemical elements found on the earth. On the other hand, it was a bit disappointing knowing that there would be no surprises in outer space. The superstring theory might possibly change that, for the process of fissioning from a ten-dimensional universe down to smaller universes probably created a new form of matter. This dark matter has weight, like all matter, but is invisible (hence the name).

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