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content material: evaluate of biosensors / Elizabeth A.H. corridor --
Multienzyme sensors / F. Scheller, A. Warsinke, J. Lutter, R. Renneberg, and F. Schubert --
Biosensors according to entrapment of enzymes in a water-dispersed anionic polymer / man Fortier, Jian Wei Chen, and Daniel Bélanger --
Electrochemical characterization of ferrocene derivatives in a perfluoropolymer glucose oxidase electrode / Jian Wei Chen, Daniel Bélanger, and man Fortier --
Protein stabilization in biosensor platforms / Timothy D. Gibson and John R. Woodward --
Electrocatalytic oxidation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide cofactor at chemically transformed electrodes / L. Gorton, B. Persson, P.D. Hale, L.I. Boguslavsky, H.I. Karan, H.S. Lee, T.A. Skotheim, H.L. Lan, and Y. Okamoto --
education and characterization of energetic glucose oxidase immobilized to a plasma-polymerized movie / Michael J. Danilich, Dominic Gervasio, and Roger E. Marchant --
function of polymeric fabrics within the fabrication of ion-selective electrodes and biosensors / G.J. Moody --
electric wiring of flavoenzymes with versatile redox polymers / P.D. Hale, L.I. Boguslavsky, T.A. Skotheim, L.F. Liu, H.S. Lee, H.I. Karan, H.L. Lan, and Y. Okamoto --
Permselective coatings for amperometric biosensing / Joseph Wang --
Polypyrrole movie electrode incorporating glucose oxidase : electrochemical habit, catalytic reaction to glucose, and selectivity to pharmaceutical medicinal drugs / Zhisheng solar and Hiroyasu Tachikawa --
Analytical purposes of the electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance / A. Robert Hillman, David C. Loveday, Marcus J. Swann, Stanley Bruckenstein, and C. Paul Wilde --
Electrochemically ready polyelectrolyte advanced of polypyrrole and a flavin-containing polyanion : use as a biosensor / H.F.M. Schoo and G. Challa --
improvement of polymer membrane anion-selective electrodes in response to molecular popularity rules / Antonio Florido, Sylvia Daunert, and Leonidas G. Bachas --
Electropolymerized motion pictures for the development of ultramicrobiosensors and electron-mediated amperometric biosensors / Eugene R. Reynolds, Robert J. Geise, and Alexander M. Yacynych --
Molecular fabrics for the transduction of chemical details into digital signs by way of chemical field-effect transistors / D.N. Reinhoudt --
Chemically delicate microelectrochemical units : new methods to sensors / Chad A. Mirkin, James R. Valentine, David Ofer, James J. Hickman, and Mark S. Wrighton --
Macro- to microelectrodes for in vivo cardiovascular measurements / Richard P. dollar, Vasile V. Coşofreţ, Tal M. Nahir, Timothy A. Johnson, Robert P. Kusy, Kirk A. Reinbold, Michelle A. Simon, Michael R. Neuman, R. Bruce Ash, and H. Troy Nagle --
Polymeric matrix membrane field-effect transistors : sodium ion sensors for scientific functions / S. Wakida --
Polymeric membranes for miniature biosensors and chemical sensors / M. Koudelka-Hep, A. van den Berg, and N.F. de Rooij --
Thick-film multilayer ion sensors for biomedical functions / Salvatore J. speed and James D. Hamerslag --
Environmentally delicate polymers as biosensors : the glucose-sensitive membrane / Lisa A. Klumb, Stephen R. Miller, Gary W. Albin, and Thomas A. Horbett --
Water and the ion-selective electrode membrane / D. Jed Harrison, Xizhong Li, and Slobodan Petrovic --
Swelling of a polymer membrane to be used in a glucose biosensor / Marian F. McCurley and W. Rudolf Seitz --
Optical immunosensors utilizing managed- free up polymers / Steven M. Barnard and David R. Walt.

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Trimethylaminomethyl ferrocene ( C i F c ) chloride was obtained by metathesis of the corresponding iodide salt (Strem Chemicals) with AgCl. A g i precipitate was filtered from the solution and cyclic voltammetry was employed to verify if I- was completely removed. Hexanyldimethylaminomethyl ferrocene bromide (QFcBr) and hexadecanyl dimethylaminomethyl ferrocene bromide (CioFcBr) were synthesized from D M A F c with bromohexane and bromohexadecane, respectively (29). The crude products were recrvstallized from acetone-ether.

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The addition of polyhydroxyl compounds to enzyme solutions have been shown to increase the stabilities of enzymes, (13,16,19,20). g. sucrose, polyethylene glycols, sugar alcohols, etc), with water in the system. This effectively reduces the protein - water in­ teractions as the polyhydroxy compounds become preferentially hydrated and thus the hydrophobic interactions of the protein structure are effectively strengthened. This leads to an increased resistance to thermal denaturation of the protein structure, and in the case of enzymes, an increase in the stability of the enzyme, shown by retention of enzymic activity at temperatures at which unmodified aqueous enzyme solutions are deactivated This effect of polyhydroxyl compounds may not be quite as simple as it has been described, as the structure of the polyhydroxyl compound may play some part in effec­ tive stabilization of enzymes in "wet" systems.

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