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By Ronald Kelly

ISBN-10: 078601413X

ISBN-13: 9780786014132

ISBN-10: 0821753312

ISBN-13: 9780821753316

The vampire curse of the Craven kin is reborn, and the population of the backwoods city of eco-friendly hole, Tennessee, come upon unforeseen horror as a bride activates her husband, a puppy rat develops a murderous streak, and an insane preacher slaughters his congregation. unique.

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Stan walked to the three, his face as grim as theirs. " he asked. "Out in the woods back yonder," Jay told him. " Bill King ran his hand nervously across his mouth. There were traces of vomit on his blue uniform shirt. "Yeah, Stan. " The chief turned his eyes to Beshears. " The man leaned against the cinderblock wall, looking like he might pass out. "Yep. I usually don't come in and set up till three or four in the afternoon, but I pull a big clean-up on Sundays. " He glanced toward the back of the building, his eyes edgy.

Stan had hardly had time to dress and grab a bite to eat before he was on the road. Stan's belly grumbled. His breakfast of wheat toast and strawberry preserves hadn't done the trick. Stan's biggest meal of the day was his first. He was accustomed to a plate of scrambled eggs, sugarcured bacon or country ham, a half dozen buttermilk biscuits with jelly, and a pot of hot black coffee to wash it all down with. Whenever he missed his customary breakfast, Stan always felt thrown off. Which, in turn, made him as irritable as a grizzly bear.

As he crossed the Green Hollow city limits, he glanced at the clock on the dashboard. It was a quarter past eight in the morning. He had been up since sunrise, putting his truck back into commission. Boyd recalled little about the night before. All he remembered was several hours of drinking, laughing, and crying before he eventually passed out. The next thing he knew, Caleb was shaking him awake, looking as sober as a judge. Apparently, the mountain man was immune to his own moonshine. But Boyd hadn't been quite so lucky.

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