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Unique is a delicate adjective whilst utilized to the shaper. it is going to reduce splines, keyways, gears, sprockets, dovetail slides, flat and angular surfaces and abnormal profiles. and all of those with an easy hand-ground lathe software bit. out of date in glossy undefined, after all, simply because milling machines do the paintings a lot quicker and less expensive. yet you cannot beat a shaper for simplicity and economic climate in the house store. The shaper has a 6" stroke and a median potential of five" x 5", variable and adjustable stroke size, automated variable move feed and graduated collars. you'll be proud so as to add this computing device on your store. particularly designed for the constructing domestic store, it's a horizontal miller, however it has the whole variety of vertical mill potential whilst used with the attitude plate at the paintings desk.

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They are called polycrystalline materials. The mechanical properties of metals like hardness, strength, and brittleness, depend on the size, shape, and orientation of these small crystals or grains as they are called. Grain size and strengths of a casting When a casting is made by pouring a liquid metal into a mould, the grain structure of the casting depends on the rate of cooling of the metal. If it is allowed to cool slowly as in sandcasting, the size of the grains is large. If it is allowed to cool rapidly as in diecasting, the grain size is small.

B) Metals consist of a large __ of small crystals __ together. c) The mechanical __ of metals __ on the size, shape, and _ _ of the crystals in the metal. d) In the sandcasting __ the metal cools __ resulting in a casting with a structure. 48 8 The heat treatment of metals e) The pressure __ process __ castings that are accurate, and well f) Mild steel sheet is produced by a process which __ the grains in the metal to become g) Metal components which are __ from mild steel sheet are in a state of h) Stress relieving is __ cheap because only a small __ of energy is __ for this process.

C) The pattern which is a __ of the object to be _ _ is made of _ _ or metal. d) The wooden _ _ is made in two halves which are held together by __ pins. e) The pattern and the __ casting are usually made _ _ than the final __ of the finished object. 42 7 The casting of metals f) The allowance allowance. III the sIze of the casting is called a _ _ g) The two methods of producing die castings are called __ and _ _ . h) Die casting moulds are very _ _ made, and the castings produced are very accurate in their __ .

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