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This ebook is for Java builders who are looking to study an easy set of suggestions for growing and parsing little languages.The publication covers the fundamentals of parsing, together with tokenization, the best way to recogize mathematics, and the way to create your personal standard expression languages. Later chapters convey the way to create a SQL-like question language, a Prolog-like good judgment language, and a curve plotting language referred to as Sling.

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2 Using an Assembly's Stack Assembly objects contain two work areas: a stack and a target. By default, subclasses of Terminal, such as Word and Num, place on an assembly's stack the object they recognize from the assembly object's text. ) The following code shows a repetition of a Num parser that recognizes and stacks a series of numbers. *; /** * Show how to use an assembly's stack. println(a); } } This code creates a TokenAssembly around the string "2 4 6 8" and passes it to the parser p. The result of sending completeMatch() to p is a new TokenAssembly.

For example, translate pickCommand = "pick" "carrier" "from" location; to pickCommand = new CaselessLiteral("pick") new CaselessLiteral("carrier") new CaselessLiteral("from") location; This translation immediately begins to look like Java code, although it is not yet compilable. When all translations are complete, the result will be compilable code. 2 Translate Sequences When you write a grammar, you imply sequences simply by showing two subparsers next to each other. add(location); Note that this is still not valid Java code, although you are approaching that goal.

Building a Parser This chapter explains the steps in designing and coding a working parser. The core design of a parser is the same for all the parsers in this book: recognize a language and build a result. Top Building Parsers with Java By Steven John Metsker Table of Contents Chapter 3. 1 Design Overview Usually the first step in designing a parser is to think of some sample strings that you want your parser to recognize. To parse this set of strings, you will create a new language. A language is always a set of strings, and your language will become a set that includes your sample strings.

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