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Bargains recommendation at the task seek method and indicates compatible careers for evening owls within the transportation, hospitality, healthiness care, communications, leisure, and social prone sectors.

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Individual states also have standards for truck drivers, including licensing procedures. Bus and truck drivers must adhere to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986. If you, for example, drive a vehicle with 16 or more passengers, you must have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). A truck driver who drives a truck with a 26,000-pound capacity also has to have a CDL. Generally speaking, drivers have to be at least 21 years old and in good physical condition, including hearing and vision. You can make a good living as a long-distance truck driver if you are willing to drive at night, work alone for long stretches at a time, and know the rules of the road.

Page 18 Vicki seems to be made for the night shift. She is now an international flight attendant and flies mostly at night, and that makes her very happy because passengers are simply less demanding when they are asleep! But the attraction to night work for Vicki is still the diversity of the changing schedules, coworkers, and customers. Even Vicki admits that after 23 years, the duties become routine. Therefore, she has to face the challenge of not slipping into complacency, especially in regards to the passengers.

Since many jobs are now performed at night or at least in nonstandard hours, we have to carefully analyze what we really like to do and where our capabilities lie. We can do that by reading, by talking to people who perform those jobs that appeal to us, by doing voluntary or part-time work in that field, or by taking aptitude tests through school placement centers or career counselors. We should also contact professional organizations, colleges, and universities to see what their requirements are for admittance into the field we are pursuing.

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