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You don't get a paycheck. There is no bonus plan. You don't get to dress up and go to important meetings. And you don't get vacation days and sick days. So why do it? Because it is important work. Many of our social problems can be directly linked to family problems. Some people choose to be a homemaker or a parent or both because doing the job well can give enormous personal satisfaction. A homemaker can take great pride in creating a warm, loving environment. Parents can take great pride in seeing their children grow into mature, healthy, interesting people.

7'02dc20 95-19045 CIP AC Manufactured in the United States of America Page 5 Contents Introduction 6 1. What is This Job? 10 2. Preparing for Your Career 17 3. A Day in the Life of a Homemaker 23 4. Parenting: The Challenges and Rewards 29 5. Are You Really Ready? 40 6. Creating Success 45 7. Other Opportunities 50 8. How Do I Start? 55 Glossary 57 Appendix A 58 Appendix B 60 For Further Reading 61 Index 63 Page 6 Introduction "I think I want to start an Internet company," Nicole told her best friend as they sat in a patch of sunshine on a bench in Central Park.

Some people believe that one parent should stay at home with the children all the time, and most experts agree that it is very important for at least the first year. That should always be taken into consideration in making the decision about work. But more often than not there is no real choice in the matter. Survival often dictates that both parents work. Many parents do not have an option. What do you do then? You make the best decision you can about day care, baby-sitters, and after-school programs.

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