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By Alv Egeland, William J. Burke

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This biography summarizes the seminal contributions to auroral and house technology of Carl Størmer (1874 - 1957). He was once the 1st to strengthen specific photographic ways to calculate heights and morphologies of various auroral varieties in the course of 4 sun cycles. Størmer independently devised numerical options to figure out the trajectories of high-energy charged debris allowed and forbidden within the Earth’s magnetic box. His theoretical analyses defined cosmic ray entry to the higher surroundings, two decades sooner than they have been pointed out via different scientists. Størmer’s crowning success, “The Polar Aurora,” released while he was once eighty one years previous, stands to this present day as an often stated consultant in graduate-level classes on house physics.

The authors current the lifetime of this prodigious scientist in terms of the cultural lifetime of early twentieth century in Norway and to the improvement of the gap sciences within the post-Sputnik era.

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Nansen’s famous auroral paintings taken from his book Farthest North, published in 1897. He writes: “Though I was thinly dressed and shivering cold, I could not tear myself away till the spectacle was over” (1872–1928) The Northwest Passage (1908) designed to locate the northern magnetic pole accurately. Størmer ascribed his conscious choice to engage in auroral research to scientific discussions with Birkeland in 1903, after visiting the terrella laboratory several times. 1 Auroral Science at Nineteenth Century’s End 33 Fig.

All pictures are taken with cameras with 40 fields of view. The printing of Størmer’s first Auroral Atlas in 1930 was quite extraordinary. The 15 pages with auroral pictures were not printed. Rather, they were individually produced in a photography laboratory, then glued into the book and covered with translucent silk paper for protection. The same procedure was used in second edition of the Atlas. At the August 1930 International Congress of the Geodesy and Geophysical Union, in Stockholm, Størmer presented and discussed his new book.

We had so much to do during the expedition that we had no time for being tourists, not even to have a reindeer pulling us on a sledge. However, several times I visited the postmaster Puntervold and was invited a few times for dinner. I would come dressed as an Eskimo, because we had to go out recording if auroras appeared in the sky. In conclusion, Størmer expressed satisfaction with this first expedition and the large collection of auroral photographs he assembled. He sent his best regards to his mother and to his children and thanked them for letters that he received but had been unable to answer while working long days.

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