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By Patrick Dunn

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Beyond Divination

Looking for deeper which means within the playing cards? tips on how to mix the little-known Lenormand deck with the tarot for richer, extra own readings. a professional in symbolic language, writer Patrick Dunn describes how the symbolism of the Lenormand, so obtainable and straightforward, can shine a transparent gentle at the tarot, whereas the cosmology and philosophy of the tarot can lend intensity and intending to the Lenormand.

Focusing on experimentation and intuition, Cartomancy with the Lenormand and the Tarot exhibits find out how to create relationships with those vital divinatory structures. With own tales, utilized thought, and how-to directions, you'll find how the symbols of the decks have interaction and how you can learn intuitively. operating with the Lenormand and the tarot, you could collaborate with the common brain and increase your meditative and magical paintings for life-changing effects.

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Archangel Zadkiel refers to Alphas’ role as gatekeeper: “Beloved Alphas now opens the door, stands ready to admit each one. You have but to make the call, beloved hearts, as you take your sleep to enter the sheath of the etheric body, to enter the Christ mind and to receive the guardian angels. ”17 By serving at his post, Alphas also demonstrates an important point of spiritual law in our service to the masters. By keeping your appointed post or point in hierarchy and doing it well, even if a humble position or office, you uphold your portion of the plan of God and keep a place in the chain of hierarchy.

The culmination of the path of Christhood is the ascension, a spiritual acceleration of consciousness that takes place at the natural conclusion of one’s final lifetime on earth. Through the ascension, the soul merges with Christ her Lord and returns to the Father-Mother God, free from the rounds of karma and rebirth. How does one become a master and enter the heaven-world? A master is one who has attained self-mastery by using the energy of free will, coupled with the law of their oneness with God, to demonstrate mastery in time and space.

Later her secretaries transcribed her teachings. I sat with her for many hours a day over several weeks while she did this inner work. My task, as she described it to me, was to hold the light while she journeyed to the inner planes of the heaven-world. Like a cosmic sponge, I endeavored to absorb any untoward vibrations, keeping the energy from her so that her soul was free to soar to the inner planes to do the work the masters assigned her. These precious hours with the guru and teacher were a very high and holy time for me.

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