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By Sarah Jane Dickenson

Trialled in colleges with teenagers, CBA is a play that asks the quite pressing questions of this day. it kind of feels so inner most, simply you and the display. You click on 'send'. Then the total global crashes via. Keisha has a mystery, Georgia has a safety challenge and Tom is afraid to talk out. whilst in case you inform a persons mystery? How can jokes cross so fallacious? fast moving and thought-provoking, CBA examines becoming up in a electronic international.

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See I link to this and… CHORUS NEAR: Fantastic. CHORUS FAR: Amazing. CHORUS NEAR: Real amazing but - GEORGIA: Would you like to…? CHORUS NEAR: Like to? GEORGIA: Only if you want - CHORUS NEAR: We’d love to. CHORUS FAR: CBA. CHORUS NEAR: But you know… CHORUS FAR: So kthnxbye! CHORUS NEAR: Laters? GEORGIA: Oh… yeh, sure. No probs. CHORUS move away. CHORUS NEAR: Did you get it? CHORUS FAR: So got it. CHORUS NEAR: So gonna have fun with this. CHORUS drift towards KESHIA. They notice the magazines, start picking them up start reading bits distractedly.

CHORUS 8: Money’s made her lardy. CHORUS 4: What size is she? CHORUS 10: Size lardy! They find this hilarious. CHORUS 9: Look at the spots on that! CHORUS 8: Crater face. CHORUS 7: Think being that famous you could afford spot cream. CHORUS 8: Pay someone to smear it on. CHORUS 9: Wouldn’t want to snog those spots. CHORUS 10: And look at the cellulite on that! CHORUS 5: That’s gross! ) Not as gross as that! ) eeeeuuuww! CHORUS 8: Wouldn’t want to go near that. CHORUS 9: See - no one’s going near that - she’s been dumped.

CHORUS 5: Told somebody it was a cat. MATT: We don’t have a cat! Beat. Oh great! Is this why you’re feeling so rubbish all the time? KESHIA: I said I don’t cut myself no more! ) And you believe that? MATT: But you still put your tea down the toilet. KESHIA: That’s cheap! Pause. MATT: I don’t get this Keshia I just don’t get it! KESHIA: And I just don’t feel like… I just feel… well… I stopped feeling… I mean… good. ) It’s hard, it’s so hard and I am trying, I really am trying to - MATT: Hey… hey… He goes to her but it’s a little awkward.

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