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By Antonio Gianguzza, Ezio Pelizzetti, Silvio Sammartano

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ISBN-13: 9783642085895

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This e-book discusses fresh advancements within the research of chemical methods and equilibria within the marine atmosphere and within the air/water and water/sediment interfaces. The chemical cycle of carbon in addition to the impact of natural ingredients at the speciation and distribution of inorganic and organometallic ingredients are commonly mentioned. a lot of the new growth within the quarter is the direct results of complex analytical applied sciences and chemometric functions that are highlighted within the publication.

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3 000 4000 5000 -0- Atlantic Ocean - . 2 CHAPTER 1 • The Carbonate System in Marine Environments 27 2340 ,---,---,----,---,---,,---,---,----,---,---,----,---. (9Q9 o 0 2280 ization of TA accounts for changes in HCOl" (a major component of TA) due to changes in salinity. The values of NTA are higher in colder waters and nearly the same in Atlantic and Pacific oceans. lmol kg -I. This is related to the near conservative behavior of HCOl" in seawater. lmol kg-I). The higher values in polar regions are due to the outcropping and upwelling of colder deep waters that have higher TA.

Mar Chern 7:89-99 Millero FJ (1979) The thermodynamics of the carbonic acid system in seawater. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 43=1651-1661 Millero FJ (1995) Thermodynamics of the carbon dioxide system in the oceans. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 59:661-677 Mucci A (1983) The solubility of calcite and aragonite in seawater at various salinities, temperatures and one atmosphere total pressure. Amer J Sci 283:780-799 Weiss R (1974) Carbon dioxide in water and seawater: The solubility of a non-ideal gas. Mar Chern 8:347-359 Chapter 2 Marine Organic Geochemistry: A General Overview S.

Ammonium is preferentially consumed by phytoplankton, presumably because it is already more reduced (-3) than nitrite and nitrate. Similarly, NH; availability reduces rates of N2 fixation, probably because reduction of N2 is an energy-demanding process. Organic nitrogen thus formed is eventually decomposed during respiration. In oxygenated environments O2is used as a terminal electron acceptor. Ammonium produced during decomposition of organic nitrogen can be taken up by bacteria and algae or s.

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