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This booklet includes chapters via 14 sought after figures delivering details on key matters about the Christian religion in South Africa. 3 quarters of South Africans regard themselves as Christians. the tale of the gospel of affection and its interaction with politics is the topic pursued right here.

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Among Christians the belief in ancestors, though modified in certain ways, survives with great pertinacity and the tendency to read human malice as witchcraft or From Opposition to Mutual Accommodation 21 sorcery has proved to be equally durable (Pauw, 15: 109). The intermingling of these two religious streams, Christian and African, should startle nobody. It could scarcely be otherwise. And since it can be claimed that, for the believer, each operates in a different context or range of relationships (Pauw, 14: 438), in practice the choice of according one precedence over the other is rarely a cause of personal distress.

Owen's Diary (Cape Town: Van Riebeck Society, 1926). Etherington, Norman, Preachers, Peasants and Politics in Southeast Africa, 1835-1880 (London: Royal Historical Society, 1978). Hastings, Adrian, Church and Mission in Modern Africa (London: Burns & Oates, 1967). Hexham, Irving, 'Lord of the Sky, King of the Earth: Zulu traditional religion and belief in the sky god', Sciences Religieuses/Studies in Religion 10 (3), 1981, 273-8. Isaacs, Nathaniel, Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa. Vol.

With the breakdown of the indigenous social order, the church exercises a strong organisational appeal, becoming the focus of a rich and varied pattern of associational life, to the point where it may be said to fulfil many of the functions of the ailing kinship group (Pauw, 14: 426). Furthermore, with the personnel and funds at its command, the church offers access to desirable resources, other routes being blocked; it provides amenities and services, especially in the fields of education, development and health care, which are particularly supportive in rural areas.

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