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By Hugh Montefiore

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Those are the 1989 Drummond lectures given at Stirling collage through the previous Chairman of the Church of England's Board for Social accountability. Hugh Montefiore additionally wrote "Can guy Survive?", "Communications the Gospel in a systematic Age" and "So close to and but so Far".

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Particular schemes for providing housing for the poor, or for organising welfare benefits (whether these should be targeted or universal family benefits for all). Such programmes might include involvement in the debate about the National Health Service as at present constituted, or details of education such as opting out of control of the local authority education. Here, then, are various options from which the Church may choose to use its influence and persuasive powers in political matters.

Paul the Apostle wrote to the Thessalonians: 'If any would not work, neither should he eat' (2 Thess. 3: 10). He had in mind not so much sheer idleness as the mistaken belief that the world was about to end. But his point is clear. Similarly in 1 Tim. ' At the same time, generous help is required from the community for those in genuine need. The early Church had a strong sense of solidarity, and ran its own kind of welfare state, and Paul persuaded wealthy churches outside Judaea to make a collection for the mother church at Jerusalem, with widows enrolled on the benefits list.

In a market economy profit gained through the provision of goods and services is restricted by competition, unless cartels are in operation. Profit is used for new investment, but it may also be distributed through dividends to shareholders, whose welfare may take priority over the welfare of employees. In modern capitalist society, with huge businesses and transnational corporations, the interests of management may override those of both shareholders and employees. Although it is true that there is no necessary connection between profit and the profit motive, capitalism encouraOges people to be motivated to seek maximum profits.

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