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By S. Kanazir (auth.), Maria Spatz, B. B. Mršulja, Lj. M. Rakić, W. D. Lust (eds.)

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Nuclear protein fractionation was carried out according to reference 8. There was little change in the NaCl-soluble and HClsoluble fractions after an anoxie period of 15 min. However, the phenol-soluble fraction showed a significant suppression of phosphorylation after the sa~e anoxie period. In cerebral ischemia, phosphorylation of the NaCl-soluble and HCl-soluble fraction after 3 hrs was more than that of the control. he phenol-soluble fraction was similar to the control value, it WnS relatively decreased considering the much higher values for the other fractions.

DIEMER AND E. SIEMKOWICZ A. Autoradiogram from a normoglycemic rat injected with 14c-2-deoxyglucose 5 minutes after ischemia, circulation time 10 minutes. Increased uptake is seen in the hippocampal H-l region and in the right substantia nigra (due to oblique sectioning the right substantia nigra is not seen). Cortex lacks the high activity usually seen in the 4th layer. B. Autoradiogram from a normoglycemic rat injected with 14C-mannitol 5 minutes after ischemia. Circulation time 10 minutes. Increased density is seen in the choroid plexus and in some of the thalamic and hypothalamic areas, whereas the hippocarnpal region shows normal uptake.

Even though the mechanism for suppression of protein synthesis rnight be different between these two pathophysiological conditions, the effects on RNA synthesis and phosphorylation of chromatin protein are very similar. There is a close t3mporal correlation among irreversibility of suppression of protein synthesis, significant decrease of RNA polYMerase activity and significant alteration in phosphorylation of aciciic chromatin protein tightly bound to DNA. This rnay be a very important deterMining factor for irreversibility of cerebral anoxia or ischemia.

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