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By Edward Lee

ISBN-10: 0843949880

ISBN-13: 9780843949889


Hell is a city.

It stretches, actually, with no end–a labyrinth of smoke and waking nightmare. simply as forever, sewer grates belch flame from the sulphur fires that experience raged underneath the streets for millennia. Clock towers spire in each district, via public legislation, yet their faces haven't any arms; time isn't really measured right here in seconds or hours yet in atrocity and depression. within the heart of this morass of stone and smoke and butchery and horror stands the 666-floor Mephisto construction, the place Gargoyles prowl the wind-blown ledges and from whose optimum garrets the blameless are hung from gibbets and left to rot for eons. The lone occupant of the very best ground seems down upon his dominion and smiles a grin that's brighter than one thousand suns. right here, convinced, everyone seems to be lifeless but everybody lives forever.

Welcome to the Mephistopolis.

Welcome to town of Hell.


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