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By Alexandra Chauran

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Notice your typical clairvoyant talents and spot the way forward for your love existence, your monetary capability, and your non secular future. no matter if you've by no means had a imaginative and prescient, Alexandra Chauran offers every one step essential to movement from clairvoyant newbie to visionary specialist.

Using functional and down-to-earth strategies, Clairvoyance for Beginners is an available advent to constructing internal imaginative and prescient. via approachable routines and examples, discover your goals, perform meditation, input a trance, detect psychometry, interpret omens, and skim a crystal ball. Use the incorporated image dictionary to provide suggestion on profession, funds, and health and wellbeing. study the ethics of being clairvoyant, in addition to many extra how you can practice your newfound abilities to aiding your self and others.

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Padma then came, as a wise man and (very much as John the Baptist did to Jesus) taught Garab Tantras. Padma then went on to seek the secret of longevity and was directed to Kungamo, who dwelt in the palace of skulls. Kungamo turned Padma into a syllable, like Jesus as the word, and swallowed him. Inside the stomach he found the secrets he was searching for. ” Padma then is linked to the Naga serpent cult, to healing, to the Elixir via the palace of skulls. He is the word; the teacher of the Christ, like Garab who was born of a virgin; and he gives the Eucharist cup to his disciples.

E Christ crucified at Golgotha, Kykkoss Monastery, Cyprus 45 H Secret Societies: Gardiner’s Forbidden Knowledge So Jesus spilled his blood into the secret Grail on that fateful day—the secret Grail being the horn or cup of the skull. Just as the serpent blood is found in the skull cups, so too is the blood of Jesus. Now we can see why the Templars’ infamous Baphomet head3 was seen as a skull and a goat; it was a hidden mystery—a mystery which has been misunderstood ever since. The Brazen Serpent, the healing snake of Moses now seen as Christ in the New Testament, was lifted up at the place of the skull and his offering of blood4 was collected—the ultimate sacrifice on the tree of life for the ultimate prize of immortality.

This concept has been concealed from the general population, as Acharya S tells us in The Christ Conspiracy: The cosmology or celestial mythos has in reality been hidden from the masses for many centuries for the purpose of enriching and empowering the ruling elite. Its conspiring priest-kings have ruled empires in full knowledge of it since time immemorial and have ‘lorded’ it over the heads of the serfs. Here yet again we have other authors discovering the idea that since time “immemorial” the people of the world have been lied to for power.

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