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By Hubert H. Lamb

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First released in 1972, this primary quantity of Professor Lamb’s examine of our altering weather bargains with the basics of weather and climatology, in addition to supplying worldwide info at the modern climates of the 20 th century.

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In some respects he could notice differences. The quest to find out the facts of past climates - let alone the agencies and processes responsible for different climatic behaviour - is one of the most fascinating in all science. It is a never-ending detective story, though like all detective stories it requires disciplined thought and testing of conclusions at every stage. Advance in knowledge of climatic history is bound to be a co-operative effort. In a subject of such diversity one book cannot go into all details.

17); it is locally rather higher, 0·4-0·6 cal/cm 2/day, in the extensive Tertiaryera volcanic areas in Iceland, and only very locally in contemporary volcanic areas are average values ten times or more than this attained (though in a volcanic vent enormous heat fluxes occur during eruptions). Even so, it is useful to remember that the temperature in all parts of the world normally increases with depth in the ground: the world average rate is about 3°CI 100 m depth in the uppermost layers of the crust -lower down the rate eases off, so that at 35 km depth the average temperature is thought to be about 600°C.

The author is conscious of the long years, indeed generations, of patient research that have gone to produce these results. and is very appreciative of the help and guidance he has received from original workers too numerous to mention save where their published works are cited. He has tried to do justice to all, while showing how the sum total of their evidence at present appears to the meteorologist; yet some unintended changes of emphasis or representation of evidence in fields that are far from meteorology are likely to have arisen.

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