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By Philip Douglas Jones, Raymond Stephen Bradley, Jean Jouzel

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A profound wisdom of the previous weather is key for our figuring out of world warming. The prior 2000 years are either the interval that is of so much relevance to the following century and that for which there's the main proof. High-resolution proxy documents for this era can be found from a number of assets. 5 sections contemplate dendroclimatology, ice cores, corals, historic documents, lake varves, and different signs. the ultimate sections conceal the histories of assorted forcing components and try to compile documents from numerous resources and supply explanations.

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PA ~ , I I ' I I I I , l : 5 I I I "I' i ',",~~j =::t := , I I I L fAA L~ 14'> • • ... r' .. &, I • :1 l I ' PA I ~ ,1 I -!. ...... , a. S' ... ~ ~r ~ . :---- -"1 l ~AtA~ I I ""'........ ~~ b . - I&l... . . LJ". ~tA ...... 1 . Ltl I , I I I rtllh-w . J»J,. "' _ ... l I 2000 Standardized ring width chronologies from living spruce and larch growing at the northern timberline in Russia along a west-east transect from longitude 4rE to lSrE. The mean curve has been smoothed with a 13-tenn low-pass filter.

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