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'Co-creating Paradise' is e-book 2 of the Biofields & Bliss sequence through Australian metaphysical Researcher, Jasmuheen. jam-packed with info and instruments to remodel our own lives and our groups again into the country of paradise, BB2 additionally offers well-researched info at the world's religions, the traditional knowledge, quantum physics, the multi-verses plus even more. e-book 1 during this sequence is 4 physique health - Biofields & Bliss. publication three is the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace application.

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Black holes are difficult to observe because of both their small size and they emit no light. They can be observed however, by the effects their enormous gravitational fields have on nearby matter. In Dimensional Biofield Science our physical Sun is a doorway that connects us to the Central Sun through which we draw DOW Power. The Solar System: The Solar system’s Biofield comprises the group of planets natural satellites, comets, etc. under the gravitational control of the Sun. The Sun contains more than 99% of the mass of the entire solar system, and most of the remaining mass is distributed among the nine major planets.

If in need of retuning we can then decide how to recalibrate the field, and what frequency adjustments need to be made, to create the outcomes that we desire. Again channel selection needs clarity and forethought as the Dimensional Biofield is so subtle, yet so powerful, that we can influence events just by observing them. Field adjustment is a natural part of Dimensional Biofield Science as here everything operates via a system of bio-feedback looping. To tune our Global Biofield to the paradise channel, we need a holistic understanding which provides the sensitivity required to do this harmoniously, as Dimensional Biofield adjustments can range from subtle imprints, to waves that shake up a field in a way that is as devastating in its consequences as a volcanic shift on Earth.

13. The Law of Compensation is the order under which one receives just remuneration. 14. The Law of Assimilation allows no particles to be built into our bodies that we, as spirits, have not overcome and made subject to ourselves. 15. The Law of Adaptation is the law of flexibility, of allowing and flowing easily. 16. The Law of Causation works in harmony with the stars so that a being is born at a time when the positions of the bodies in the solar system will give the astrological conditions necessary to experience his/her advancement in the school of life.

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