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By Iain S. Stewart, Iain S. Stewart, Claudio Vita-Finzi

ISBN-10: 186239024X

ISBN-13: 9781862390249

Describes the applying of high-resolution coastal files to constructing and checking out tectonic versions. The case stories are at scales starting from international to neighborhood and care for glacioisostasy, relative sea-level swap and seismic and aseismic crustal deformation at quite a few timescales. a world standpoint featuring a number of box info from contrasting components of the realm in addition to novel modelling and analytical ways. it's the in basic terms ebook that considers the subject with such scope. Readership: Tectonic geologists, Quaternary scientists, pros taken with seismic threat or coastal development/protection.

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Extensional Tectonics: Faulting and Fault-Related strategies (Key concerns in Earth Sciences) - ISBN 1862391157 Continental Tectonics - ISBN 1862390517

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The m o d e l performs well against observations from Barbados reported by F a i r b a n k s (1989) but should be verified at other sites. N o n e the less, the estimate by Chappell & Polach (1991) of 2 - 5 m water depth t h r o u g h o u t the K w a m b u drill-hole record is both imprecise and too restrictive, and it is clear that better accuracy is necessary in studies of this kind. So far, this appears to have been better achieved for Caribbean than for Indo-Pacific reefs, but we suggest that better definition at K w a m b u w o u l d be obtained by extending a transect of drill holes landwards of the single hole, drilled previously.

Acrop. , Acrop. Pocil. Por. , Acrop. Acrop. s, bored, A b, bored, A Low-rag mud Ar/mgCa sand CorFrag CorFrag Ar/mgCa sand Ar/mgCa mud mgCa cem/mud mgCa/Ar sand Por. , A. hyac. , F. pal. s, bored, A . . . . . , F. pal. Gonio. Monti. Monti. . . . . . . . 0 Monti. , Sty. , Acrop Por. s, bored, C cor. , F. pal. , F. pal. , T. mus Pocil. Monti. 3 . . . . 7 . 4 4 . Calib. age (ka BP) . . . . . . . . . 8 . . . . . . . , Acropora; A. , A. , Cyphastrea; F. , Stylaster; T. , Halimeda; mol, molluscs.

Global and Planetary Change, in press. - - 1 9 9 8 b . The inverse problem for mantle viscosity. Inverse Problems, in press. - - 1 9 9 8 c . 'Implicit Ice' in the global viscoelastic and topographically self-consistent theory of glacial isostatic adjustment: implications for ice-age paleo-topography, Geophysical Research Letters, in press. & ANDREWS, J. T. 1976. Glacial isostatic adjustment I. The forward problem. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 46, 605-646. & JIANG, X. 1996a.

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